Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Shops...Stocking Stuffers at Groopdealz!

Are you a member of Groopdealz?
I'm pretty sure P Daddy wishes that I was not...

boy, do they have some GREAT finds!

I LOVE this site because I find a TON of things that I have seen in our local boutiques (& it has not just happened once, it happens LOTS) often priced at HALF or MORE than half! I do love to shop local, but I will never turn my nose up to a good deal! ;)

If you're looking for some quick little gifts or fun stocking stuffers,
Groopdealz will fix you right up (with money left over)!

Here are a few they have running right now that I think would be awesome little gifts:

I found all of these & more in their Looking Good collection:

Looking Good

These super fun beaded strands...
game day,
party day,
every day...simple & so pretty ($7.99)

These Home State tees are SO cool & only $11.49!!!!

Come Let Us Adore Him tee...$14.99
Oh, how I ADORE this!!!

There simply CANNOT be enough of these at my house!
Cute color (color coded for keeping kids separate)
Colorful Ear buds only $3.99!
I know what my peeps will find in their stockings!!

The Cleo Statement Necklace...Comes in two colors, $8.99.
I have seen this one EVERYWHERE this season!

Sassy Aztec Sweater, $27.99
I've seen this one in a couple of local shops, but it was closer to $70!
Very cozy!!

Stinkin cute PANDA sweater for boys or girls, $12.99
(if only they had foxes, Miss O loves her foxes)

Little Boy/Girl Panda Sweatershirt

COZY Blanket Scarves...$18.99
THIS is THE GIFT of the season!

Quilted Vests, $18.99 & $24.99...
Do I really need to remind y'all how much I love VESTS?!?! ;)
These are really pretty!

Elegant Pearl Necklace, $9.99
Very classy!!

I seriously wish these came in my size...
darling denim ruffle pants MONOGRAMMED & only $15.99!
I die!!!

I could go on & on & on...
they have dozens & dozens of AWESOME deals running right now with guaranteed Christmas delivery! If you've never shopped there, be prepared...their selection of steals will leave you flabbergasted!

Here's a link to all of their Looking Good Collection:

Looking Good

HURRY, Groopdealz deals are only up for a limited time...
hop on over today so you don't miss them!

I'm hopping up to go get my little darlings,
"second shift" is about to begin! ;)

Happy Shopping, friends!!


Let's Go Shopping at APlus Print!

Oh, friends!
I am running around crazy this week!

I just noticed I only 15 DAYS to get my shopping done
(& wrapped, oh...how I hate to wrap!!)

Are you running crazy yet?
I hope not!

If you ARE,
I'm here to let you know that my pal Monica at APlus Print can help you finish your shopping!

You might remember me talking about Monica's printing business when I shared Maverick's Top One party pictures. (That is seriously STILL the cutest party theme ever)

APlus offers such a wide range of products,
when Monica says
she is not kidding!

They offer Customized iPhone/iPad cases,
Custom Auto products (license plate, vinyl letters),
Custom Home (coasters, chalkboard prints, Christmas cards),
Custom Office (mouse pads, note cards)...
they even offer CANVAS prints!

Here's a peek at some of the things thing can do:

Pretty awesome, right?!

In addition to awesome products,
you are going to get some awesome service!

Monica is one of the most sincere, loyal, hard working people that I have ever met. She has the most wonderful personality and a genuine love for helping others. She's also a can of fun! I am tickled anytime my path crosses with hers, she is one of my favorite people to visit with!

When you shop with APlus Print, you are supporting family owned, local business in my community.
I am proud to recommend them to you!

Go on over to APlus and get those names checked off your list!

Don't forget to visit them on Facebook or drop by their shop on the Lebanon Square.

Be sure & tell them Mandy at Crafty Southern Mama sent you. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, friends!
Happy Tuesday!



Monday, December 8, 2014

Motivation on Monday

Good Monday Morning!!

I am blogging from my happy place...

(or the place that gets me to my happy place...the one where you can tuck your shirt in & wear a belt...)

I feel like I need a triumphant theme song playing!! I'm getting after it!!! (Because last week was an agonizing festival of GERMS!!)

Last Monday Evan came down with (& politely shared) a 48 hr bug that was a cousin of the flu. Game over for mama! 

Oh, mercy...I MISSED my gym time!! 

I mentioned needing prayers on Facebook last week; for our precious little friend Reagan who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. 

I wanted to thank you guys for praying for this baby. She did well with her treatment last week and they found NO CANCER CELLS in her spinal fluid!! She has a long road ahead, but I know this spunky little gal is going to beat it!

I'm getting ready to turn it up. 
Roll, sweat, roll! 

Here's a little motivation & positive nibbles...

I pinned that one last week & it has been re-pinned from me 56 times! I decided it was worth sharing here too. ❤️

& this one, calms me down...

He's got your back, all you've got to do is have faith & get after it!

Gotta run (literally)!
Much love to y'all this morning,
Mwah! ❤️


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas at Linlee's...Decorating Delights!

I have this super sweet, 
super talented 
& super adorable friend named Linlee.

She is an interior decorator and

I have a painting machine.
We trade out services...

(I will work for monograms...)
(and wallpaper...ha)
we've got a good thing going. ;)

In the past few months,
she has really helped me at the gym.
She is serious about her workouts
and has been so supportive & encouraging 
as I've tried to accomplish some personal goals.
She has shown (an old lady) so much kindness &
I'll never forget that. ♥

I am tickled today to share some of her 
with you guys!

I love to visit her beautiful home.
It is peppered with family heirlooms, warmth 
and love everywhere you look.
In addition,
Linlee has such a gift for decorating
and using COLOR!

Take a look at some of the 
holiday fun
she has put together this year...

This monster turquoise frame & I, we are intimate friends. ;)

Two words here...GRASSCLOTH. WALLPAPER! (swoon!!)
I GREATLY admire anyone with small children who dares to use a table runner...true story!

Her children are even MORE beautiful 
than her gorgeous home...

(& they are all little sweethearts too)

Don't those just make your heart happy!!

Thank you, Linlee for allowing me to share your home today.
Since you're done, you can come do mine! ;)

If you are looking for sassy monograms or
stunning decorating services,
I highly recommend you give her a holler. ;)

Come back & visit,
tomorrow it's the big  
Mama's FAVORITES Giveaway!!

Thanks for stopping by!


How To Tuesday...Make a Dollie {Christmas Gift}

Good Morning!
Welcome to Crafty Southern Mama's How To Tuesday!
It is DECEMBER the 2nd,
have you bought all your gifts yet?

If not, you're in luck!
Today I'm sharing a sweet dollie sewing tutorial that will make any little lady on your shopping list squeal with delight!

If you have any sewing experience at all, you can make one of these.

If I can make one, ANYBODY can make one!

Several years ago (back when I actually had time to sew),
I ran up on this awesome tutorial from 70 Piggies Blogspot on  


At the time my Miss Olivia was all about being a mama to her little dollies, so I was VERY EXCITED to make her one of these cuties!

((This one below is from 70 Piggies))
I die...is she not the sweetest little thing!?!

Olivia's turned out so darn adorable,
I couldn't wait to make another one!!
(you know I'm crazy, don't act surprised)

I really, REALLY love a handmade gift...
So, I decided to make one for each of my nieces and my nephew for Christmas that year.

((Yes, I'm that crazy aunt who gives handmade gifts...ahem))

They were all little then, so I think they actually liked them.

I know I liked them!

Those three made me smile every time I looked at them!
(& I saved quite a bit of money using scraps of fabric I already had to make them.)

I'll give you a moment to savor...

their complete,

It should be a crime,
to be that cute!

I was THRILLED when I realized this morning that I have TWO little people on my shopping list who would LOVE their own custom made dollie!!

Since I am getting ready to make them, I thought this would be a great time to re-share this tutorial with my crafty blogging friends!

Here is a sample picture of the pieces (photo from Nicole's blog). 

These dolls are really SIMPLE to make if you follow her step by step photo instructions.

(I am a visual learner, so tutorials like these are my ONLY HOPE!!!) 

The only thing I can add to her tutorial is the pink cheek pattern, I just trace the top of a bottled water lid to make that part (as it is not included in the pattern pieces).

Gifts that come from the heart are always the best. ♥

Run on over to 70 Piggies to print out the pattern and get started on your dollie right now!!

Click HERE for the full tutorial.

Thank you, Nicole Owens for sharing this awesome dollie tutorial way back in 2008!! ♥

& Thank you, crafty blogging friends for visiting today!!

I've got to get busy sewing...
I hope everyone has a beautiful Tuesday!



Monday, December 1, 2014

Motivation on Monday...

Good Monday morning!
Good First Monday in December morning!!

Good golly, only 24 more days till Christmas...
the panic has begun!

Today is officially "Cyber Monday". I am pretty much done with my shopping (& I never left my house). I waited on a couple of things, because I was waiting to see if I could catch a deal on them today. Are you done? Have you even started?

I've got a very busy day planned,
so I wanted to get right to Monday's Motivation
(because I need it):

(but, I might need more than just a little bit of coffee...) ;)

This is the pin source, the most delightful Etsy shop.
I do love little prints like those.

This morning, I need to ask my sweet blogging friends to please help me pray for two young people in my community.

One is my neighbor's daughter, she is 16 and the other is a church friend's son, he is 15. Both of them are battling cancer right now, when they should be hanging out with friends or shopping at the mall. Please pray for them and their sweet families. They have been on my mind all weekend and it would mean so much to me if you would help me lift them up. Thank you, friends.

I took a little blogging break over the weekend.
Spent time with my family,
decorated some trees...
ate some more...
it was a fun, relaxing weekend
and I am recharged &
ready to get back after it!

This week I have a new sponsor to tell you about,
How To Tuesday is going to be Christmas style,
and now that the Black Friday distraction is over
I'll be giving away Mama's Basket of Favorite Things!
That will be so fun, don't miss it!

I've got to get busy,
y'all know I love my productive Monday!

Have a great day, everyone!


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Funday...it's TREE time!

I took a little blogging break this weekend,
I just got busy having fun with my family! 

We are getting ready to have that classic "I give you the Griswold family Christmas tree" moment...
I'm always scared to death to cut those strings! Ha!

I hope you had a fun, relaxing thanksgiving weekend with your family too!
Be back tomorrow with regularly scheduled fool ramblings. :)



Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Monogrammed Goodness...The Gift Guide

We're talking personalized today...
because the deadline is QUICKLY approaching!

If you want to give a monogrammed gift,
THIS, my friends
is the week to BUY it!

Customized items take time and many shops close up right after Thanksgiving so they will have plenty of time to create all those wonderful gifts you ordered.

Personalized gifts are so special.
I guarantee you the person you are buying for will always treasure being given something that was personalized just for them.

I take my gift giving seriously. I don't like to spend money on something just to say I got a gift & I'm done with it. Gifts that are personalized are always going to be in style, that's money well spent in my opinion.
Disclaimer: a few of these links will result in a commission to Crafty Southern Mama, the majority of them are NON-commission links to items I love and want to share because they're so awesome. :)

Ok, now...
Are you ready!?

Let's get after it!

How entirely FABULOUS is this!
Personalized Houndstooth Doormat, $35

Oh, the sass!!
I would love to have this priss pot greeting my guests!

I really, really, really like these divine Metallic Pillows, $35...swoon!!!
(Did I mention swoon? Oh, I love these!!)

These are some of the prettiest monogrammed infinity scarves I have seen!

Luminous Personalized Infinity Scarf - $19.99

from: GroopDealz

Super cute & warm Monogram Vest from Marley Lilly, $34.99 (& they ship fast too)
(if someone wanted to buy me one, like navy with a tan monogram...I wouldn't stop them) ;)

Personalized Preppy Notebooks (I use mine to write down my prayers), $14 (Amanda is a sweetheart, visit her blog as well.)

You can never, EVER go wrong with one of these Long Sleeve Comfort Color Shirts, $28...they are SO comfy & look darling with shorts in the fall/spring and work perfect with your sporty leggings too!

These are sold by my super sweet local friend, Amy of Gladeville Farmhouse. I know you will not be disappointed if you buy from her. :)

Acrylic Monogram Jewelry Tray, $12...
this would make a great teacher gift or a gift for your teenage niece (hey, I got one of those!!).

These are not for a gift, but are great ON a gift!
Super cute Personalized Stickers for gift bags, $5.95 for 48!
I ordered some for Evan & Olivia to use on teacher gifts & they are darling!!
48 Personalized Christmas Stickers - 8 designs!

How fun & cozy is this!!
Personalized stethoscope covers...$23.

These would be AWESOME teacher gifts,
monogrammed goblets!

Monogrammed Goblet - $9.99

from: GroopDealz

I have been buying ties for Evan from Me & Matilda for several years,
you will LOVE these custom made boys BOW TIES with a monogram, $30.
(she has plain ones, as well as matching ones for dads too).

I LOVE these wood signs with your family name!!

Family Name & Monogram Sign - $12.50

from: GroopDealz

and this sassy monogrammed clutch bag from SteepleBay Designs (one of my faves), $48.

I would just die if I unwrapped one of these
gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer Monogrammed Cooler Baskets, $39.95.

There's even monogram goodness for your favorite gym rat!
Glitter Monogram Tanks from The Glitter Squad, $15.
These are just awesome!

There is no way to disguise my obsessive LOVE for vests...
& these are so bright & fun for girls!
Youth Monogrammed Puffer Vests, $40.99

Here's a SIMPLE,
Perfect personalized gift...

Monogrammed Christmas Linen Guest Towels - $8.99

from: GroopDealz

I love a simple,
practical gift!
These monogrammed tissue holders from Pottery Barn are perfectly that!
Add a box of tissue and you are ready to go!
(and they're $14 with FREE personalization right now)

and lastly (because mama has got to get to the gym)...
you can buy something blank & CREATE a personalized gift YOURSELF
(hush, now...yes, YOU CAN!!!)

Stylish Monogram Decals - Set of 3! - $7.99

from: GroopDealz

How about you guys?
Have you seen any fab personalized gifts?

I would love to check them out,
I still have a few gifts to get.

I'm out the door,
you guys have an awesome Tuesday!

Happy Shopping!!



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