Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Monogrammed Goodness...The Gift Guide

We're talking personalized today...
because the deadline is QUICKLY approaching!

If you want to give a monogrammed gift,
THIS, my friends
is the week to BUY it!

Customized items take time and many shops close up right after Thanksgiving so they will have plenty of time to create all those wonderful gifts you ordered.

Personalized gifts are so special.
I guarantee you the person you are buying for will always treasure being given something that was personalized just for them.

I take my gift giving seriously. I don't like to spend money on something just to say I got a gift & I'm done with it. Gifts that are personalized are always going to be in style, that's money well spent in my opinion.
Disclaimer: a few of these links will result in a commission to Crafty Southern Mama, the majority of them are NON-commission links to items I love and want to share because they're so awesome. :)

Ok, now...
Are you ready!?

Let's get after it!

How entirely FABULOUS is this!
Personalized Houndstooth Doormat, $35

Oh, the sass!!
I would love to have this priss pot greeting my guests!

I really, really, really like these divine Metallic Pillows, $35...swoon!!!
(Did I mention swoon? Oh, I love these!!)

These are some of the prettiest monogrammed infinity scarves I have seen!

Luminous Personalized Infinity Scarf - $19.99

from: GroopDealz

Super cute & warm Monogram Vest from Marley Lilly, $34.99 (& they ship fast too)
(if someone wanted to buy me one, like navy with a tan monogram...I wouldn't stop them) ;)

Personalized Preppy Notebooks (I use mine to write down my prayers), $14 (Amanda is a sweetheart, visit her blog as well.)

You can never, EVER go wrong with one of these Long Sleeve Comfort Color Shirts, $28...they are SO comfy & look darling with shorts in the fall/spring and work perfect with your sporty leggings too!

These are sold by my super sweet local friend, Amy of Gladeville Farmhouse. I know you will not be disappointed if you buy from her. :)

Acrylic Monogram Jewelry Tray, $12...
this would make a great teacher gift or a gift for your teenage niece (hey, I got one of those!!).

These are not for a gift, but are great ON a gift!
Super cute Personalized Stickers for gift bags, $5.95 for 48!
I ordered some for Evan & Olivia to use on teacher gifts & they are darling!!
48 Personalized Christmas Stickers - 8 designs!

How fun & cozy is this!!
Personalized stethoscope covers...$23.

These would be AWESOME teacher gifts,
monogrammed goblets!

Monogrammed Goblet - $9.99

from: GroopDealz

I have been buying ties for Evan from Me & Matilda for several years,
you will LOVE these custom made boys BOW TIES with a monogram, $30.
(she has plain ones, as well as matching ones for dads too).

I LOVE these wood signs with your family name!!

Family Name & Monogram Sign - $12.50

from: GroopDealz

and this sassy monogrammed clutch bag from SteepleBay Designs (one of my faves), $48.

I would just die if I unwrapped one of these
gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer Monogrammed Cooler Baskets, $39.95.

There's even monogram goodness for your favorite gym rat!
Glitter Monogram Tanks from The Glitter Squad, $15.
These are just awesome!

There is no way to disguise my obsessive LOVE for vests...
& these are so bright & fun for girls!
Youth Monogrammed Puffer Vests, $40.99

Here's a SIMPLE,
Perfect personalized gift...

Monogrammed Christmas Linen Guest Towels - $8.99

from: GroopDealz

I love a simple,
practical gift!
These monogrammed tissue holders from Pottery Barn are perfectly that!
Add a box of tissue and you are ready to go!
(and they're $14 with FREE personalization right now)

and lastly (because mama has got to get to the gym)...
you can buy something blank & CREATE a personalized gift YOURSELF
(hush, now...yes, YOU CAN!!!)

Stylish Monogram Decals - Set of 3! - $7.99

from: GroopDealz

How about you guys?
Have you seen any fab personalized gifts?

I would love to check them out,
I still have a few gifts to get.

I'm out the door,
you guys have an awesome Tuesday!

Happy Shopping!!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Motivation on Monday...Stronger

Good Monday Morning!!

Welcome to the calm before the storm...

The Monday before Thanksgiving,
the Monday before the kick-off of

I think I am ready to embrace the craziness that the holidays bring.
That's really the fun part,
the lists,
the shopping,
the wrapping,
the baking,
the hugs,
the kisses,
the love,
everything is a little bit more magical than normal,
as a matter a fact NOTHING is really normal during the holidays & 
I think that's what I love the most.

Motivation might be a little deep today...(warning) ;)

I've mentioned a few times that I have been doing an independent bible study called Stronger, by Angela Thomas. It has been a very challenging year for me personally. I won't invite you to my pity party...I'm stronger than that now. But, I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed this bible study...and how much STRONGER (safer & secure) I feel in my heart because it has jerked me up, slapped me across the face, and strengthened my understanding & my relationship with God. If you or someone you know is struggling with a loss or going through a challenging time, I highly recommend this little book.

I want to share some motivation that has made me feel a bit stronger. I want to start right off with this:


Now, don't be mad at me for saying that.
This is hard.
So hard.
I KNOW it's hard!

Don't talk about,
don't whine about it,
just don't.
It's not attractive at all.

Rip up that pity party invitation &
get down on your knees and give it to God.
He is stronger than your struggles!

Pin Source

I challenge you to REMEMBER YOUR WORTH.
You ARE amazing,
hard working,
You ARE!

You are a fabulous,
one of a kind,
exotic treasure,
created personally by Him!

You ARE...
and you definitely are GOOD ENOUGH!

Change can be a wonderful thing,
a new hair do, losing weight, etc...
but do it FOR YOU!

If you find yourself constantly trying to prove this to someone in your life,
it sounds to me like that person might be the one who needs to do some proving...

God will not ever leave you,
He will always think you're enough.

Don't complain &
stop entertaining people who do not appreciate the amazing person that you are!

You is good,
You is smart,
You is important...
so important to Him!

pin source

If you are feeling broken or lost,
I'm here this Monday morning to remind you...
YOU ARE all those wonderful, amazing things. 
And there is nothing in your life that is stronger than God.

pin source

so, always remember this...
fill your mind with WHATEVER!
(Philippians 4:8)
(pin source)

rip up those pity party invites &
go out and do this ;)

pin source

Because you have an amazing, kind, giving heart.
Share it with everyone you meet. ♥

You're ready now...
Go on out there
& kick Monday's butt! ;)

Wishing y'all the calmest, stress free Monday before Thanksgiving!
I'm so thankful for all of you sweet friends!



Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday Ready With Doll Face...Guest Blogger

I am so tickled to share some information with my local readers today!

I recently asked my sweet friend, Niki to be a guest blogger for Crafty Southern Mama. She owns Doll Face, an event ready make up and spray tan business and services clients in the middle Tennessee area. She is the prettiest ray of sunshine, I do love any opportunity I get to interact with her. I'll let her take over and tell you a bit about what she does.


Hi, there!
I'm Niki Green and I'm the owner of Doll Face {Event Ready Makeup and Spray Tan}.

Doll Face started out as my lifelong passion for all things pretty, and much to my delight has turned into a super dreamy job.

Being a busy stay-at-home mom of four awesome kids and wifey to an amazing husband, I needed to give myself an outlet to be around other adults; as well as, spending my (often limited) spare time doing something I'm passionate about.

I've always done my own makeup for special events. When my daughter began doing pageants, dance competitions, drama club performances, etc. I just naturally started doing hers as well.

Pretty soon, friends started calling me and saying "hey, I've got this thing…you think you could do my make up?" After awhile it was "you know…you should really start charging people for this!"

Eventually, I decided they might just be right.
And, thus came my business...
Doll Face.

I specialize in:
professional airbrush makeup,
photo ready makeup,
and spray tans.

I focused in on these 3 things from my own personal experiences. They are my GO TO if I have somewhere special to go, or photographs to be taken, or just need a pick me up.  Through these three simple things, I always feel prettier and more confident when I have a little glow and when my makeup looks fabulous.

I have to tell you, I'm a total Libra…
I love people,
and I am always quick to meet a new friend.
I am a lover of all things pretty,
and a complete perfectionist/over-achiever.

Amongst these characteristics Doll Face clients always leave me with more than a "just got back from the beach" glow and a ridiculously pretty face. They leave with a side stitch from all the laughs, a new found sense of confidence, and a new friend.

Doll Face clients come to the fabulous "Doll Face Room" for their make up and spray tans OR Doll Face will come to you. I will go onsite, from your hotel room booked for your wedding party, or girls night out party, to your photography location for your family photos. You name it… And I go!

Doll Face doesn't limit services to ladies only, I also do make up and spray tans for girls and young ladies as well. Girls can enjoy all the pretties life has to offer, cheer squads, dance teams, pageant girls, and birthday parties just to name a few of the fun events I have done.

I consider my clients to be friends & family. To me the best part about booking a new client is helping make new friend just a little prettier and feel a lot more confident than she was just an hour before.

I would love to meet you and help you look your very best at your next special event. I hope that you will visit me on Facebook and Instagram and see more of my work.

Thank you for allowing me to share this information with you.
I'm looking forward to YOUR booking,
contact me for all your holiday services today!



Doll Face {event ready makeup & spray tan}

Instagram / Dollfacemakeupxoxo
Twitter handle / dollfacemakeup4

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dressing Mama...Holiday Spiffy

The holidays are coming up fast...
are you ready!?!

It's a wonderful, busy time
& I know us Mamas want to look our best
(because those sneaky familyrazzi members will jump out with a camera when we least expect it).

((and nobody wants ugly, hideous photos haunting us for years to come, tisk))

Let's talk about getting holiday spiffy...

((even though we wish we were dressing in our yoga pants & a sweatshirt)).

I've been looking though my closet trying to put together some holiday spiffy outfits. I do better if I group a few things that way they're staring at me when I get in the closet later, stressing out about WHAT ON EARTH AM I GOING TO WEAR?!!

(on a slight sidebar)

I talked about booties last week, paired with skinny jeans. I didn't love the booties I ordered, so I went hunting again & found these...

TOMS wedge booties...on sale!!!
25% OFF select TOMs styles for Women, Men and Kids at Nordstrom! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

These have a little bit higher heel than what I originally wanted,
but they are so awesome & surprisingly comfortable...
I'm going to wear them anyway!

Anyway, back to outfits...
I've been grouping some things in my closet,
that's one simple way to keep yourself sane after you've baked, shopped, & wrapped yourself into stupidity come December 24th at 4:30pm when your family is photo ready & you just got out of the shower. (yes, every year)

Some people get dressed up really fancy & I do love that,
but in reality my family is a pretty casual crowd
(no complaints, I can assure you)...
so it's fairly easy to be holiday spiffy
(when the bar is low, ahem). ;)

I admit it, I love preppy!
Nothing makes me feel prettier than a little preppy outfit...
some plaid, some pearls...

I don't even try to be "sexy",
me trying to dress "sexy" is just awkward...
it doesn't work for me at all!

Wear what makes you feel pretty,
if you feel pretty,
you feel confident &
I think confidence is so much more sexy than (well) being awkward. ;)

Of course, I went straight to Pinterest for inspiration!
I love how these outfits are really just basic everyday wear,
but they're finished with a scarf or a necklace to give them some Christmas fluff.
You probably have everything in your closet already to pull these looks off!

I started looking & found some really darling holiday spiffy pieces that I love...

I LOVE this tartan plaid scarf, just $24!
When dressing for the holidays, you can never go wrong with a tartan...
(click on the picture for more info)

Y'all know I LOVE Kut from the Kloth jeans,
these charcoal corduroy skinny jeans are fabulous!!
(click on the picture to find your size)

& then there's this rad RED Michael Kors quilted vest...

I am such a fool for vests lately,
like Michael J Fox in Back to the Future... ;)

Pull the whole thing together with this awesome belt!
So sassy!!
I am loving a leopard print with tartan plaid...
mix & match the pieces,
toss in some pearls...
you've got a fun little outfit going right there! 
(Click on the picture & snag one for yourself)


Don't forget that being holiday spiffy includes your beautiful mama face.
(& that reminds me, I am out of my favorite lipstick....it's always something)

I noticed that it's Bonus Time at Clinique Nordstorm.
Don't miss Clinique Bonus time, an $85 value, now at Nordstrom! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

I have used Clinique brand pretty much my entire life,
from their make-up to face cleaning.
I can't wear their moisturizer, though...
it's too greasy for daily wear for me.

My favorite is the CHUBBY stick...
my tiny friend, Carrie turned me on to these.
Goes on like a chapstick & lasts for hours...love!!

I also really like their high impact extreme mascara...

and from a previous bonus time, I discovered that their nail polish is the bomb!
I was so surprised!

Ah...shopping for mama...
the ultimate guilty pleasure! Ha!

Meanwhile, back in reality...
Thanksgiving is next week...
I am so excited about seeing family &
I love eating! ;)

Evan & I are making some of these this weekend to take to school for his class.

They are seriously cute &
SO easy!
Here's a link to the original post & printable.

I know you're itching to go group some holiday spiffy in your closet,
so I'll leave you with this...
(you can tell I am a professional at selfies, I think that makes 5 total for me)

I haven't even told my mother yet,
how ridiculous are you if you're over 40 &
still get nervous about telling your mama something!!
I want to see if she notices...
my hair...
it's a little bit longer all the sudden.

I'll be back to chat about that adventure soon.

MAMA'S FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAY is being postponed until next week, a couple of things I wanted to share have not arrived in the mail yet.

But I do have two fun things to tell you about tomorrow.
Grab a coffee, come back & visit.

So glad you stopped by today.
Wishing y'all a wonderful evening!




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